Bulk buying meat

Visited my local butchery farm shop today and bought a large quantity of on offer meats. This is top quality, grass fed local beef that has been slaughtered locally and butchered at the farm shops own butchery. A simple way of making usable portions that can be frozen easily is simply cutting the packets in […]

Simple hot food

Just because all prices are rising doesn’t mean you need to go hungry. As a child of the 70’s and brought up by parents who’d been adults during WW2, making a meal out of very little was the normal way of life. Cheaper, filling pulses were added to all meat dishes. Potatoes were bought by […]

Plums for free

For some reason, here in the northeast of England, the wild plums, or cherry plums as many might call them, have been amazing. Their crop has been overwhelming with plenty for humans as well as the wildlife that relies on these for their late summer food. Aware of the need to share with the animals […]

Food for free

Times are hard and the winter months will be harder as winter fuel bills rise and the cost of essentials like food rise in price too. There is free food to be found out in the countywide, which can be harvested and stored. It’s the countryside that our ancestors turned when times were difficult before. […]

It’s been a long time

It’s been months since I wrote anything on here. Months that my head wrote stuff but when I set about putting my thoughts into written words the energy behind them expired. Cooking and eating have taken place, new ideas of creative food on a budget have bubbled forth on an almost daily basis. However , […]

Eat a rainbow

It’s very important to eat well and healthy. January starts with good intentions of a new healthier you. By the middle of the month, with cold dark mornings and evenings it’s really hard to stick to our good intentions. The secret is to be kind to yourself. In days past the winter feasting went on […]

New toy – Slow Cooker

My life is taking a small positive change, and I thought it a good idea to finally purchase a new slow cooker. I’ve had one before but it stopped working and was disposed of about 2 years ago. I kept the inside bowl because that would come in handy as an oven or serving dish […]


An organic way to protect your food crops from slugs With all this much needed rain comes the unwanted slugs and snails. Important for the food chain but sadly not ours. As an organic gardener I have needed to find an affordable but safe for the environment way of control. I have cut slits into […]

Easy food

Sometimes I really don’t fancy cooking, yet I want a cooked meal. Sometimes I’m too tired to both making a meal. For days like this I make a simple pasta dish. I boil a pan of water with some salt. When that boils I add enough pasta for whoever is needing to be fed. I […]