Mixed vegetable medley

As a main or a side dish depends on what else you fancy eating. Today’s offering is what I’ve harvested from our garden today, except the mushrooms. Roughly chopped and thrown into a hot pan of a tablespoon of oil. Add salt and toss. It doesn’t matter if they are a little crunchy. To be […]

New toy – Slow Cooker

My life is taking a small positive change, and I thought it a good idea to finally purchase a new slow cooker. I’ve had one before but it stopped working and was disposed of about 2 years ago. I kept the inside bowl because that would come in handy as an oven or serving dish […]

Little things I’ve changed . . .

Little things I’ve changed in my kitchen habits to save the planet Sometimes it seems impossible to make a change that might have an affect in saving our planet and reversing the damage that is causing climate change. Well it is impossible; impossible on our own. Most changes have to come from governments. Or do […]

Shelled !

It’s that time of year, the start to middle of spring. Well depending on what part of the world you’re in and certainly what part of the U.K. you might live. Having moved around from south to north, then middle, then south and now back up north. I can say that the spring certainly arrives […]

Food so easy

One onion, one red pepper, 6 mushrooms, one courgette, couple of sprigs of broccoli. Oil, salt and pepper. Two sausages chopped to small pieces. Fry a little, add rice for two people, add twice the volume of water to rice and a large tablespoon of tomato purée. Cover and simmer on very low for 30mins […]

Different eggs

One tin of chopped tomatoes. Place in a large frying pan. Add a large pinch of salt. Bring to a hot simmer. Add four eggs (enough for 2 people). Reduce heat to very low, cover and leave until eggs have cooked to your taste. Serve with fresh bread, chips or on their own.

Omelette tea

So my dearest is still in need of soft food. A lack of dental availability during the U.K. lockdown has lead to a tooth extraction. I fried one red onion, chopped. Two sausages, chopped. An inch of garlic paste, half a small pepper, chopped. A mug of finely chopped kale leaves. Salt. When gently browned, […]

Food from my fridge

I very rarely use a cookery book. My meal making comes from my need to eat and what I have in my fridge, cupboard and freezer. Always in that order. Mixed Root Vegetables Mash Take any root veg, scrub, chop ( the more dense veg like swede and carrot cut smaller) place in a large […]

Dumplings with golden syrup and thick cream

I’m not one to start diets or new year’s resolutions until the year has got into full swing. Until the daylight increases and the longer days make life a little cheering. To be honest I still have my Christmas tree fully lit and decorated. For me Christmas and winter cheer carries on until candlemas and […]