Chocolate chip cookies

National Chocolate Cake Day

Not sure which country is celebrating this wonderful sounding day today, but I’m making it my own. To celebrate the event I needed to make a chocolate cake. I always have a well stocked store cupboard and make most things from scratch. So the making of a chocolate cake with icing without having to visit […]

Christmas continued

Chocolate covered brandy truffles Truffles made with cream, dark chocolate, sugar, coffee and brandy. Covered in milk chocolate. Basically a chocolate ganache covered in chocolate. Christmas will end at Candlemas for us.

Chocolate Eclair awakening. .

It’s been a long time since I made choux pastry. So long my grownup children were still in primary school!! I didn’t plan on making anything today, possibly an evening meal but nothing special. I dreamt of chocolate last night, chocolate eclairs to be precise, why, I have no idea. New eggs were delivered with […]

A storm in a coffee pot

Granny Sarah’s kitchen is a busy place. It is the centre of every stage of life and its interactions with life inside and outside the house. So up here in County Durham the rain set in at 8am this morning. Our dogs were lucky to have had their long walk before hand. The cats snuggled […]