Signature chicken

One of the first dishes I made as a young teenager. Chicken with crispy topping Boneless and skinless chicken, plain crisps, butter and grated cheese. Place chopped chicken into an ovenproof dish place slices of butter on top. Put in oven at 200c fan. Because I wanted to use all the oven energy I prepared […]

Slow cooker bread

You really can make a nice wholesome loaf in a slow cooker. It needs (no pun intended) to be a yeast not sourdough mix. Just make your bread with flour, water, yeast and salt. Or use a shop bought bread mix. Mix, knead and roll in a little oil, then place straight onto baking or […]

Simple hot food

Just because all prices are rising doesn’t mean you need to go hungry. As a child of the 70’s and brought up by parents who’d been adults during WW2, making a meal out of very little was the normal way of life. Cheaper, filling pulses were added to all meat dishes. Potatoes were bought by […]

Red cabbage for the winter

Batch cooking is one way of saving energy and saving energy is one thing we in the uk need to do this year, possibly for always. You’ll need one large red cabbage, same volume of apples and red onions. Sunflower oil and cheap red wine to cover, salt and ground cloves. Chop red onions and […]

Plum glut

My neighbour didn’t know they had a plum tree in their garden and being busy full-time workers, they offered me a chance to pick what I wanted. Plum jam I made a small batch of plum jam. Equal weight of white sugar and stoned fruit soaked in the sugar overnight and boiled for an hour […]

Don’t be afraid . . .

Don’t be afraid of just throwing it all in one pan. One pan cooking is not complicated, it means you use less heat and energy and only have one pan to wash. Following on from my chicken for the freezer, I thought I’d prove that one portion of chicken can and does make four adult […]

Saving money through your freezer

Having a well stocked freezer is one way of saving money. Buying in bulk has always been cheaper than buying small amounts of food stuff. I bought a large family pack of chicken breasts that were on offer. Cut into equal portions that would easily serve two or more people. Remember we all need to […]

Plum and onion chutney

Making chutney is simple and not expensive. The plums were from foraging yesterday I added them to a little water and boiled until tender. Then I asked hubby to find the stones ( well he is the one that will eat it over the months so if he didn’t want the stones in his lunch […]

Plums for free

For some reason, here in the northeast of England, the wild plums, or cherry plums as many might call them, have been amazing. Their crop has been overwhelming with plenty for humans as well as the wildlife that relies on these for their late summer food. Aware of the need to share with the animals […]

It’s been a long time

It’s been months since I wrote anything on here. Months that my head wrote stuff but when I set about putting my thoughts into written words the energy behind them expired. Cooking and eating have taken place, new ideas of creative food on a budget have bubbled forth on an almost daily basis. However , […]