Slow cooker bread

You really can make a nice wholesome loaf in a slow cooker. It needs (no pun intended) to be a yeast not sourdough mix. Just make your bread with flour, water, yeast and salt. Or use a shop bought bread mix. Mix, knead and roll in a little oil, then place straight onto baking or […]

Swede, fried not boiled!

In my veg box I seem to always get a large swede. It’s huge and though I like swede, there is only so much one can eat. Tonight I’ve decided to peel, slice and fry in oil, sprinkled with salt and fresh ground pepper, on a medium heat for 30 minutes. Early taste results show […]

Compost additions

I’m having a sort out of that stack of paperwork that sits in a corner, for me at the end of our dining table. With lockdown still very much the new normal for us in County Durham, there is little extra meal making or baking to be done. How much can a pair of grandparents […]


I used the very beat farm shop mince beef. It tastes nicer, the animal was rared at the farm it was eventually sold. This was kinder to the cattle and better for the environment. I then added, onions, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, tomato purée, precooked mung beans and mushrooms. Seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper. I simmered […]

“Never trust a skinny chef”

“Never trust a skinny chef” my late, EX mother-in-law would say. She liked her food and liked dining out. She would never eat anywhere, that food was prepared for her, if the chef was skinny. At the time I was also very skinny too!! My skinniness was nothing to with me not liking food because […]

Doubling up

One of my earliest memories of the approach of winter was the ‘changing of the curtains’. Every October/ November, depending on the weather, we would help our mother remove all the pretty, lightweight window curtains to hang heavy, thick and in some cases blankets type curtains at the windows instead. These were darker warmer colours, […]

Feed the birds. . . or not

It is fast approaching winter here in northeast England. Many people have stocked their bird feeders in readiness for the colder weather. I have two cats, I feel that if I put out food on a bird table, I’d be just providing bait for my cats entertainment and the entertainment for all the other cats […]

Raspberry lemon cake

The joys of cooking and baking are that you can eat what you make. This is my raspberry lemon cake, my own made up recipe. It tasted delicious though before I post the recipe, I just need to tweak it just a little. Shame as I’ll just have to eat this one first !!