Quality compost . .

It’s chocolate eating season in our house. It’s come early this year due to months of lockdown here in northeast England. We started on the first tin last week. The bright wrappings encouraging us to try just one more. The colours bringing back memories of different times. As normal I was concerned about the waste […]

Sourdough bread storing tip

When I bake sourdough bread I normally make two loaves with 1kg of bread flour. Because there is just the two of us, I cut each loaf on half. I then freeze it in halves so that we always have fresh bread. Nothing is wasted. When I remove one of the last two half loaves […]

How I make a sourdough starter

The magical mystery that isn’t really We will start with the starter. It’s simple and not rocket science. The important thing is you make it as it needs to be local to you, it’s your own microbes. All you’ll need to make a starter is patience, a large bowl, a clean tea towel, a pair […]

Frosty Morning . . . . .

It’s mild and windy here in the northeast of England. Our garden is a somewhat confused and the spring bulbs are rising above the ground. Days are beginning to merge into each other as lockdown is dragging on and everyday without visitors makes one long eventless event. We watched a program on plague last evening, […]

loosing the throwaway

just 3 days until our rubbish bins are emptied and yet we still don’t have any full bags in our wheelie bin. If you have followed my blog, you will remember that about 10 days ago we had looked into our wheelie bin and we had nothing in it to throw away. We have a […]

Eating seasonal

One of the best ways to save our environment is to eat from locally grown food. This is also one of the best ways of saving money and eating cheaply. At this time of year we have plenty of root vegetables available and what better than a hearty healthy root veg mash. This is a […]