Don’t be afraid . . .

Don’t be afraid of just throwing it all in one pan. One pan cooking is not complicated, it means you use less heat and energy and only have one pan to wash. Following on from my chicken for the freezer, I thought I’d prove that one portion of chicken can and does make four adult […]

Simple supper

After a long and hard day in the garden I needed a simple supper I cooked in two pans to save washing up and fuel. I used a little oil in both pans. This meal was for two people.

One pot supper

With fuel prices rising and winter days still with us. One pot suppers are an important way of cooking hot wholesome meals for less use of fuel. I’m not joining in with giving up meat for January either though I am eating less because that makes for cheaper meals and when I do eat meat […]

Experimental upcycling of pickle vinegar

I’ve often been reluctant to tip away the remaining vinegar after removing onions from their pickled mix. I’ve also thought it wasteful to throw the picked red vinegar from beetroot. Then I decided to reuse. Well this might be something that others have done, but I’ve not. Some shop bought picked vegetables are not in […]

Leftovers omelette

I’ve two spicy sausages and a bowl of cooked potatoes. This is the tasty meal I made for the two of us. Into a large frying pan I added a good glug of sunflower oil. A quick and nutritious meal for two with only one pan to wash !!


Jam making season is here. Shortages of food choices continues here in the UK. It’s not because we have a food shortage but a shortage of skilled people available to produce or deliver the goods. This has meant a shortage of supply in preserving sugar. White granulated sugar is available and now having had to […]

Mixed vegetable medley

As a main or a side dish depends on what else you fancy eating. Today’s offering is what I’ve harvested from our garden today, except the mushrooms. Roughly chopped and thrown into a hot pan of a tablespoon of oil. Add salt and toss. It doesn’t matter if they are a little crunchy. To be […]

New toy – Slow Cooker

My life is taking a small positive change, and I thought it a good idea to finally purchase a new slow cooker. I’ve had one before but it stopped working and was disposed of about 2 years ago. I kept the inside bowl because that would come in handy as an oven or serving dish […]

Easy food

Sometimes I really don’t fancy cooking, yet I want a cooked meal. Sometimes I’m too tired to both making a meal. For days like this I make a simple pasta dish. I boil a pan of water with some salt. When that boils I add enough pasta for whoever is needing to be fed. I […]

Multi root veg mash

Just chop up a selection of root vegetables. Here I’ve used potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Cut the more dense veggies smaller than the ones that will be quicker to cook. Cover with salty water and boil until soft. Drain, add butter and mash