Plums for free

For some reason, here in the northeast of England, the wild plums, or cherry plums as many might call them, have been amazing. Their crop has been overwhelming with plenty for humans as well as the wildlife that relies on these for their late summer food. Aware of the need to share with the animals […]

Food for free

Times are hard and the winter months will be harder as winter fuel bills rise and the cost of essentials like food rise in price too. There is free food to be found out in the countywide, which can be harvested and stored. It’s the countryside that our ancestors turned when times were difficult before. […]

It’s been a long time

It’s been months since I wrote anything on here. Months that my head wrote stuff but when I set about putting my thoughts into written words the energy behind them expired. Cooking and eating have taken place, new ideas of creative food on a budget have bubbled forth on an almost daily basis. However , […]

No meat balls

I’m not a vegetarian or vegan though I do enjoy meat free foods. One that i really enjoy is Birdseye Green Cuisine meat free meat balls. I cook mine either on their own or as I did tonight with chopped onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, tomato purée and seasoning. Simmer for 35 minutes. I served with green […]

Eat a rainbow

It’s very important to eat well and healthy. January starts with good intentions of a new healthier you. By the middle of the month, with cold dark mornings and evenings it’s really hard to stick to our good intentions. The secret is to be kind to yourself. In days past the winter feasting went on […]

One pot supper

With fuel prices rising and winter days still with us. One pot suppers are an important way of cooking hot wholesome meals for less use of fuel. I’m not joining in with giving up meat for January either though I am eating less because that makes for cheaper meals and when I do eat meat […]

Experimental upcycling of pickle vinegar

I’ve often been reluctant to tip away the remaining vinegar after removing onions from their pickled mix. I’ve also thought it wasteful to throw the picked red vinegar from beetroot. Then I decided to reuse. Well this might be something that others have done, but I’ve not. Some shop bought picked vegetables are not in […]

Leftovers omelette

I’ve two spicy sausages and a bowl of cooked potatoes. This is the tasty meal I made for the two of us. Into a large frying pan I added a good glug of sunflower oil. A quick and nutritious meal for two with only one pan to wash !!