Surviving the cost of living through climate change

Cutting back on what we buy and use will not only save the pennies but will help the environment and possibly get us all fitter and less likely to be ill due to weight related illnesses.

Most of us are beginning to feel the squeeze on our income compared to our outgoings. Energy prices have doubled and food prices appear to rise on an almost daily basis. Yet we can’t now disbelieve that climate change isn’t happening. With the uk expecting temperature in heard of in the coming week.

Welcome to the new normal!

We are all going to have to learn to live with rising temperatures, sudden changes in weather patterns and extremes of everything. Trust me I’ve seen the stat’s!

Because of the above and all number of world changes that are happening, food and fuel prices will continue to rise. We, here, in the developed world are all going to have to cut back. We are all going to have to change our lifestyle and possibly get fitter too.

Simple changes to make, that I’ve made.

Increase the insulation in your loft. I’ve got 400mm all over part has raised boards with 150mm under. The hatch is also insulated. This helps with keeping temperatures more even; cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Cavity wall insulation is also important. It’s an important one to invest in and there are grants for low incomes. Certainly worth looking into. it will save you lots of money on heating and cooling costs.

Clothing is also an important thing to remember. Wearing less clothes in the heat isn’t necessarily the answer to keeping cool. Wearing thin clothes that create drafts when moving can be more cooling and if skin is more covered you are not going to need sunscreen on the unexposed bits. (A little saving) also you are protecting yourself from aging and skin cancers.

When winter comes, layer up. If you’re cold and you’ve only got one layer on then put more layers on before you put the heating on. I have a rule which is you need to have 3 layers on before you consider putting the heating in above 15c indoors. That’s 3 layers on you body. I also wear 2 pairs of socks before the heating goes on. This will save a huge amount on heating costs.

Food costs are rising and one difference you can make is eat slightly less. Only put on your plate slightly less than what you need to eat. Any leftover food can then be stored in a covered container in the fridge. You never know, one meal that you’d normally eat in one sitting, might last a bit longer, possibly two or help with a bit of creativity later in the week.

Eat seasonal food as much as possible, seasonal is what is being harvested local to you. Local food has less food miles. When I say local food I mean food not only grown in your own county ( province) but foods grown in own country. In our modern world we have got too used to availability all year round. We need to save our planet and buy more carefully (carefully on everything) Lots of veggies and less meat. Eggs are a great source of all round protein.

When shopping ask yourself, do I need that sugar, that cake or that bar of chocolate. Do I need so much sweetened drink or alcohol, rethink about what your body needs to function. Cutting back on these will not only reduce the food shop bill, but will help all of us get to a fitter healthier person.

To be continued . . .

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