Falling out of love

We’ve all been there, we think we have fallen in love and then it doesn’t work out.

We have to be brave and understand that what might work for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another.

What might have started as something wonderful and promising might not be after the realities of day today living became clear.

For me it is the veg box. I’ve fallen out of love with my weekly veggie box from the greengrocer and it’s become too expensive to choose his individual items. On top of that there is a delivery fee.

Now I hear your cry’s of it’s what veg really costs and in buying from the greengrocer you are keeping a small business alive.

Buying food is all about money and choice. It was beyond my purse, the choice was poor and not always locally grown food.

Since before Christmas the boxes have become over laden with lots of potatoes and heavy root vegetables. Not many onions, no mushrooms and other veggies that brighten my dark days and would be expected as available grown in a British winter, more carrots would have been nice!

Though I’m now giving my loyalty fully to the local supermarket I have chosen more loose veg, seasonal and British grown.

We all have our budgets and it would be wrong for me to spend more than I could afford on food that is not totally of my requirements.

However wonderful something is for someone else doesn’t mean it’ll work for you


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